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Strategic Growth Consulting

Strategic Growth Consulting begins with an initial assessment of the status of your business, identifying the areas that are prime opportunities and those that are weak links. A general business strategy will be outlined. Over the course of a six to twelve month engagement, you will work with Summers to bring the company’s goals to fruition.

  • Data Driven – Your business goals and subsequent strategy will be measured against industry information and best practices. We will challenge each idea with the data based opportunity it can create.

  • Results Orientated – Analysis of success, growth of market, audience awareness, and growth of the entrepreneur are critical results. If you have not achieved results, we will review what your barriers to success are.

  • Inspiration Led – In order to stay in opportunity, your business must be inspired, invigorating, and feel worth your time. We will address the key factors that will inspire you to success. Growing a business is not easy. It can be a wonderful experience.

You will meet with Summers on a weekly basis for ninety minute sessions to both review goals and metrics of success as well as take action on opportunities. These working sessions may be different than the “advice” you have experienced with consultants or coaches in the past. These sessions are tactical and practical, and you will come away having moved towards your goals.

Commitment: $1,695 per month +

Executive Presentation Preparation

As an entrepreneur, you will need to present yourself, your business, and demonstrate your leadership capacity. Public speaking challenges every person on multiple dimensions. Whether you are uncomfortable speaking to an audience, or you need help refining the structure and message of your presentation, preparation is essential. Summers has taught Executive Communication to undergraduates, graduate students and executives at UCLA Anderson. Work with Summers to develop your next presentation to further your business goals.

  • Superior Content Development – Good presentations are well thought out, organized, and follow a logical path. Great presentations take the audience through a compelling, goal oriented, action initiating story. We will work to develop the most effective, action oriented content possible.

  • Presentation Coaching – Practice, Practice, Practice, and then practice some more. Working through linguistic cadence and flow is imperative. Whether developing basic presentation skills, or nailing persuasive presentation, presentation feedback is essential. We will work together to help you master delivery.

  • Audience Understanding – A successful presenter is well prepared for audience understanding, can observe engagement, and is able to adjust their presentation according to the room. Our preparation will include tools for pivoting a message or evolving the call to action based on reading the room.

Basic Executive Presentation Development includes: The Strategic Presenter’s Preparation Workbook, one 90 minute content development session, two 1 hour presentation prep sessions, and one 30 minute post presentation review.

Commitment: $695 +

Business Plan Development

Many entrepreneurs just “get to work” without thinking through a formal business plan. Whether you are looking to attract outside investment, seeking direction, or wanting a way to communicate with other about what your long term strategy is, a business plan is vital to the success of your organization. Business plan development requires a thorough understanding of your company’s value proposition, business operations and management, revenue structure, competitive analysis, marketing and go to market strategy.

  • Executive Summary – We will create a one to two page summary of your business, market opportunity, success and goals.

  • Comprehensive Business Plan – This plan will include all elements of an effective business plan including: Market Analysis, Organization and Management Structure, Service or Product Offering Review, Marketing and Sales Strategy, and Funding Needs.

  • Financial Projections – Together, we will review the dependencies for success in your business, revenue growth, increased costs, and I will deliver a comprehensive financial projection model.

Developing this critical tool is generally a minimum of a forty five day process of uncovering opportunity. It is a collaborative commitment between the entrepreneur and consultant. You will expect to have weekly meetings and ongoing content review during the development of your business plan.

Commitment: $4,750 +

1:1 Strategic Growth Retreats

Entrepreneurs often find themselves deep “in the weeds” of their business and unable to make a decision on the next-best-move. In order to review their business opportunity, it is quite powerful to take a retreat and see their own company from a fresh perspective. A 1:1 Strategic Growth Retreat offers precisely that opportunity. Whether it is to uncover a market opportunity, find out how to maximize profitability, or solve a marketing challenge, 1:1 time with Summers will help you break through the barriers to growth. You will begin this process with the Strategic Growth Retreat Prep Workbook.

  • Walking & Talking – I am a firm believer in the value of walking through a problem while talking into an opportunity. We will begin your retreat with a 1:1 walk or hike in the Santa Barbara area, where you will share with me the nature of what has you stuck.

  • Breaking Bread – After a good, healthy and thoughtful Walk & Talk, we will sit together over an extended lunch to discuss the opportunities and limitations you have shared with me. We will review your Pre-Retreat workbook, and outline solutions that are coming to light.

  • Tactical Writing  – We will complete this day by creating an outline together of the challenges, opportunities, solutions and limitations we have uncovered. You will leave with an outline of next best steps. Additionally, I will complete a Post-Strategic Growth Retreat Plan of Action with additional recommendations, resources and implementation strategies.

Come to Santa Barbara, CA and work one on one with Summers to outline the challenges, identify your best, strategic move, and return to your business prepared to take action.

Commitment: $2,750 +

Additional Strategic Growth Services available upon request including:

  • Marketing Plan Development and Execution
  • Digital Strategy & Execution
  • Corporate Mission Brand Alignment
  • Management Team Training and Development

Opportunity Is Unlimited

Not only do you WANT to do good, but you also MUST do well.

In order to achieve this goal, you must collaborate. Your business is built to better the world and effect change. Work with Summers to create and align relationships with team members, financial partners, advisors, strategic partnerships, and customers to ensure that your company vision can achieve deserved success and effect powerful change. 

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