Defining A Personal Brand with Summers McKay


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Join thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, authors, artists, and creators in understanding how your Personal Brand can lead you to a path of success. Summers McKay teaches Personal Branding across the world, working with seasoned executives, university students, and career beginning graduates to help them refine their strategy and ability to achieve tremendous growth. At the root of all success is a clear understanding of your Personal Value Proposition. This in-depth workbook will take you through the process McKay teaches in classes around the world and to her Strategic Growth clients.

What is a Personal Brand? A Personal Brand is the articulation of your value proposition to the marketplace. It’s who you are, what you offer, and what you expect in return.

How can it help you? Through this process you will increase your capacity as a leader, uncover unseen opportunities, improve relationships, and identify tactics for making your next growth step


Commit to Strategic Growth and discovery through this eighteen page workbook with the tools you need to uncover your Personal Value Proposition. This process takes you on a three part journey of identifying how you want to communicate who you are, what you have to offer, and what you expect in return. Upon completion of this discover, you will begin to write your Personal Value Proposition – a tool you will use in all areas of your life. Join thousands of talented people who have made their NEXT BEST MOVE by working with Summers McKay, Strategic Growth Guide.


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