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An Educator

Summers McKay has been building successful, DO GOOD DO WELL, businesses for over twenty years. A U.C. Berkeley grad with an MBA from UCLA Anderson, Summers brings a unique set of skills from both her robust education and intense practical experience creating brands, running companies, and leading innovative teams. As Chairman of Santa Barbara Entrepreneur, Summers leads strategic masterminds and executive development groups. She is determined to apply lucrative and scalable business rigor to the world of doing good.

She founded UCLA Anderson EDGE, offering rigorous business education to graduate and undergraduate students. A lecturer for UCLA Anderson, and instructor for UCLA Extension in Social Marketing, Business Strategy, and Management Communications, Summers offers her clients and students a rigorous and tactical path to growth. 

An Entrepreneur

In addition to working with clients to develop strategic growth plans, Summers founded Love Summers Company and brought their inaugural product Coconut Allover Lube, an organic based coconut oil all over body salve to market. This product, initially created to serve the intimate natural care market, has quickly been adopted by distance athletes, surfers and parents of infants and toddlers to use to heal chafed skin. Love Summers Company halted distribution in mid 2018 to assess capital resources required for truly scalable growth. Summers experience as the “cottage industry” entrepreneur led her to create tools and resources for others on the same journey.

In June of 2018, Summers joined forces with fellow Strategic Consultant, Lolita Carrico to launch The Spark List. This online resource brings their collective expertise to a wider audience. The strategic tools and ideas behind how they both left the corporate world are now available to entrepreneurs, contractors and consultants. The company’s mantra is to help people live the life they love, with independence, autonomy, creativity and joy.

A Strategic Growth Guide

Working with established organizations and startups, Summers has developed and implemented strategic growth plans in Marketing, Business Development, Multi Generational Team Management, and Operations. Her clients include Personal Care Products, Luxury Retail Lines, Bio-Tech and Health Tech Companies, Marketing Agencies, Lifestyle Influencers, Tech Startups, among others. Summers has run successful crowdfunding campaigns, launched global brands, leads personal development groups, and creates strategic plans for nonprofit and for profit organizations, is a contributing writer, podcast host and author.

Working with Do Good – Do Well companies, Summers is committed to developing scalable opportunities and growth strategies. Implementation is a critical element in her client engagement.  

But Wait, There’s More!

Summers is a nine time marathoner, four time Olympic distance triathlete, Kilimanjaro climber, wife, parent, and ocean swimmer. Her passion for endorphins and inspiration are her driving force for helping you achieve your business goals.

“To me, success means the freedom to have a meaningful impact by helping people make their lives better through smart strategy. As entrepreneurs, our work is integral to who we are. I don’t call it going to  your place of work. I call it going to your place of opportunity.

Success has meant knowing that opportunity and abundance all are within me already. Through conscientious intention, hard work, and dedication, I really can have anything I want.

Ultimately, success isn’t about money, although cash flow is an element of every successful business. For me, it is about freedom and impact. I’ve been willing to take a lot of risks in order to achieve those things. I like helping others do the same.”

Summers McKay

Grow Your Idea into Opportunity!

Entrepreneurs are often faced with the challenge of how to grow beyond the current level of their business. Whether it is taking your successful solopreneur experience to an institutionalized structure, or putting a framework around your idea in order to launch it into a successful endeavor, going at it alone is never easy. So, why go at it alone? Bringing a unique, perceptive, and hard reality facing Strategic Growth Guide like Summers onto your business team will help you uncover opportunities you did not see, and more importantly, take action to turn these opportunities into lucrative success.

Are you hard working, dedicated, determined and need someone to help you take your business to its next level? Are you driven by the desire to do good and do well and ready for a team around you that will bring it to fruition? Is your business a company that can change the world for the better?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Summers is the right Strategic Growth Guide for you.

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