The Social State of the Union in 2017


Most of the big Social Media companies launch their year with flashy reports on the how’s and whats of Social Media Marketing in the year ahead. (Secret tip, that’s where most of us Social Media Marketing educators get great content) Some of these reports are self promotional hogwash. Some of these reports offer content and valuable insight into what is happening in the marketplace. In my online courses at UCLA, we go deep into each platform and understand the landscape of Social Media Marketing as a whole. It’s an exciting 11 week, semester long course and my students come out the other end with some serious Social Media skillz. In my upcoming online course through Teachable, we’ll get into the tactics of Editorial Calendars, Customer Identification, and the HOW TO for your small business. Stay tuned for more education, because learning is fun!

And now, after that brief promotional introduction, I will introduce you to a couple of the top players resources available to you right now!


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By now, you already know what Linkedin is. As a global network of “resumes” with a target audience of Working Folks, they hone in on professionals, entrepreneurs, and non-tradesperson job seekers.Recruiters used Linkedin heavily to promote their recruiting capacity and to connect to job seekers. In the last 2 years, Linkedin has evolved as a space where people can showcase themselves as “Thought Leaders”. In addition to individual promotion, they also elevate companies and business stories. Linkedin has both a subscription based model and a free user space.

For those of you looking at B2B opportunities to market (Business to Business), this platform may be a good tool for research and to identify new potential customers. If you are in the B2C (Business to Consumer) market, Linkedin may provide you with an opportunity to have your company showcased in a different way. Consider content that might be about the way your business is doing something different, marketing in a new way, telling a different story.

Here is Linkedin’s 2017 Report: (Links to an external site.)

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Hootsuite is a dashboard tool that companies and individuals use to manage various social media accounts and measure engagement against that Social Marketing. This tool is one of many, but has stayed the test of time. Founded in 2008, Hootsuite has worked with the various social platforms to be able to get into their scheduling and tracking systems. I have some clients who swear by this sort of dashboard and others who are more likely to work in the native tools of a site.

I am on the fence. On one hand, I would love to only have ONE PLACE to share my cat pictures so the world can be excited about the adventures of Chianti and Clover. On the other hand, there are constantly evolving tools, APIs and resources available found within each site. Remember – engagement with the other people on the page is critical. On LinkedIn you might want to know about my cat’s business strategy, whereas on Twitter, my cat’s politics might  come into play, and on Instagram, what my cat had for lunch might matter more! On Facebook, you might want to know which Disney Princess my cat might be, and so on.

I caution clients to always stay native and keep engaged with other users on EACH PLATFORM, even when using a planning or dashboard tool. 

All that aside, Hootsuite has offered what I believe to be the BEST 2017 perspective on trends. This webinar is an hour long and well worth your time. (Although at around 40 minutes, it becomes quite sales focused.) Enjoy.

You will need to register to watch this webinar, but it’s worth it. You can always unsubscribe or Opt Out from the emails if they send too many. (Links to an external site.)

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